Kurou Tenma

Kurou Tenma

Kuro Tenma is the heir to the Tenma Family and the lover of Hiyo Osora.


Kuro is very protective of Hiyo. The cause being her being the mythical White Crow and many sought out for her feathers and she is his lover.

Kuro is responsible yet lazy at the same time, as seen when he didn't want to so the Student Coucil work but forced himself to.

Kuro is very demanding and cunning when he wants to get what he wants, like the time when he made Hiyo's father sign a contract of marrige when he is drunk.


As said by many others, Kuro is very handsome. Kuro has black-brownish hair which reaches until the middle of his neck. Kuro has pale skin and violet eyes.

His wings is a giant black crow's wings. When seen close it looks small but when zoomed out it is very large than the average size wings.

On most occasions, Kuro uses his uniform because he is mostly seen at SM Acadamy rather than out shopping with Hiyo.