L Bradford is the cousin of J Bradford and K Bradford. He is a vampire.


He, as many others, also fell in love with Hiyo Osora. Like Haine, L is despised by Kurou Tenma and will do anything to keep L away from Hiyo, which proves to be difficult as Hiyo offered to let L drink her blood.

Although he may love her he had caused her great pain, like when he drank almost all of hiyo blood and had to transform her in a vampire, he is actually a really kind hearted person who also offered to use his 'life force' to save Hiyo.

In recent chapter, he is to succeed the vampire clan, but his grandfather, who is the current leader, did something to him, and in the end of chapter 73, he is shown to have drunk the blood of many girl vampires, and is saying that they will not satisfy him. He says that only his "white" bride will be able to satisfy him.


He is recently shown to be a lot more taller, and more evil than his other self. His wings are bat-like and is black like most vampires. He actually has pale blonde hair when shown in the colored part of the story.